Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyor Roller conveyor

If required, the roller conveyor is designed as a driven or as a gradient track. Roller conveyors excel in their load-bearing capacity and the possibility of easy accumulation of parts and thus ensuring continuous regular deliveries of material to production or efficient storage of parts as a stock before further processing. More theory here.

Conveyors for pallets

Roller conveyors are generally suitable for packaging systems. Wooden or plastic pallet rollers do not wear and are easy to drive over. The rollers of the roller conveyor have an advantage in load capacity - the rollers can be dimensioned for almost any load capacity. If the cylinders are deformed over time - non-circular, the cylinders were obviously undersized. We can make cylinders directly to measure for any application.

Conveyors for gitterboxes

Roller conveyors can also be used for gitterboxes, but only under the condition that the gitterbox has sufficiently long bars that they can pass between the individual ones. If the bars are shorter, chain conveyors are suitable .


By tilting the track, we can use gravity to drive it. It is a maintenance-free system that can be used anywhere and anything. The only issue here is safety when handling heavy objects. Heavy loads can be very dangerous on the runway and therefore it is necessary to use retarders or brakes. Stopping heavy loads can also be problematic with regard to mutual damage - our company has a lot of experience with the use of such elements.

Mobile conveyor tracks

With regard to the possibility of the function of the runway, the roller conveyor in the mobile design is a very simple and efficient matter to operate.

Sheet metal conveyor

The sheet metal conveyor is a specific matter. On the one hand, it is advisable to use belt conveyors , but they are very susceptible to damage from sharp edges of the belt. Roller conveyors can be used for this purpose, they will be very durable, on the other hand, a large frequency of rollers is required. Another option is to use chain conveyors, but they can scratch the sheet metal again. It therefore depends on the exact requirements and properties of the transported material.

Accumulation conveyors

With a roller conveyor, it is possible to drive almost each roller separately and to combine it with a drop function. It is the most suitable choice for the accumulation of material, resp. best performance / price ratio.

Conveyor arches

It is possible to supply sets of roller conveyors, including arches, to ensure a continuous production process. You can find more about conveyor arches here.

Production of conical cylinders

Cone conveyor rollers are suitable for guiding material along the conveyor without rotating the material itself. They are also suitable for materials with a temperature higher than 60 ° C. More about cone cylinders here.