Overhead conveyors

Overhead conveyors

Overhead conveyor Overhead conveyor

The ideal solution if you are looking for reliable transport of parts and products in production with minimal requirements for the built-up area. Overhead conveyors are also suitable as storage conveyors for supplying your manual, automated or robotic workplaces. They are suitable for long transport distances or as the use of bridges for free alleys or paths in production halls. Animation from which you get a good idea can be found here.

Overhead conveyor to the paint shop

The overhead conveyor has the advantage not only in painting that it does not take up much space, resp. if there is no suspension part, then it allows you to use the area under it. The suspended part hangs behind a designated place (usually on a hook or hinge) and the part has the rest of the area exposed, which is the main requirement for continuous painting.

Overhead conveyor to the welding shop

The overhead conveyor in the welding shop has similar advantages as in the paint shop, however, we will use the maximum exposed area not due to the need for painting, but due to the need to cool the part. A chain conveyor can also be used for this purpose, which is more advantageous for short transport sections.

Assembly of visible parts

The overhead conveyor can be used in all types of production with the need for long transport distances and small space or reducing the risk of damage to the transported material, so the assembly of visible parts with the risk of scratches or other deformations.

Logistics conveyor system

It is offered as a solution for warehouses in the event that several types of parts are placed on one conveyor, which must be sorted into several storage places.