Automatic conveyors

Automatic conveyors

Conveyors of piece material

Conveyors and conveyor systems for the transport of divided / piece material such as boxes, cartons, sheets, plastic moldings, workpieces, blanks, wood, or machine parts in production, welding, pressing, food, storage or even outdoor areas.

They have a myriad of application options and each type(more here) has certain advantages and disadvantages. It is not possible to list the range of applications, but when choosing a suitable conveyor, it is necessary to take into account:

  • Purpose of use - for example, a belt conveyor as an inter-operational warehouse
  • Size and weight of pieces on the conveyor - for large dimensions chain or roller conveyors
  • Temperature of parts coming into contact with the conveyor belt - for parts with high temperature chain, roller or link conveyors
  • Humidity, temperature and dustiness of the environment - stainless steel conveyors for demanding environments
  • Type of industry and legislative requirements - for food industry stainless steel conveyors or conveyors with modular belt
  • Stiffness of the pieces themselves - belt conveyors for ductile pieces
  • Convenient access and available space - for small occupied areas, overhead or spiral conveyors
  • Roller conveyors used as gradient conveyors are suitable for utilizing the slope or the need for accumulation


Belt conveyors
  • economically advantageous solution

  • the possibility of using a wide portfolio of belt types according to the type of transported material

Belt conveyors
Roller conveyors
  • large tonnage range

  • wide range of applications from gravity tracks to high-load driven conveyors

Roller conveyors
Chain conveyors
  • cheap and robust solution with the possibility of use even in a very polluted environment

  • easy maintenance and fast delivery

Chain conveyors
Modular conveyors
  • type of belt conveyor with higher load capacity and wide variability

  • thanks to the perforation of the belt, dirt does not remain in contact with the parts

  • also suitable for long conveyor routes

Modular conveyors
Overhead conveyors
  • saves space or floor space for use by other technologies

  • suitable for the transport of non-standard parts and assemblies

  • suitable for continuous operation / one piece flow

Overhead conveyors

Belt conveyor

More about the belt conveyor here

Probably the most common type of conveyor, which is characterized by its variability from a conveyor for steel stampings or workpieces, plastic parts in presses or assembled assemblies from production lines to a mining conveyor designed for the exterior.

Roller conveyor

More about the roller conveyor here

If required, the roller conveyor is designed as a driven or as a gradient track. Roller conveyors excel in their load-bearing capacity and the possibility of easy accumulation of parts and thus ensuring continuous regular deliveries of material to production or efficient storage of parts as a stock before further processing.

Modular conveyor

More about the modular conveyor here

Conveyors with a modular belt are very often used in the food industry, paint shops or warehouses. Thanks to the perforation of the belt, any dirt does not come into contact with the transported parts, but falls easily. Another benefit of modular belts is their health safety, so they are also suitable for operation with direct contact with food.

Chain conveyor

More about the belt conveyor here

You can use this conveyor wherever you are looking for an economical solution for transporting materials with high demands on mechanical resistance, load-bearing capacity and easy maintenance. Our chain conveyor has a unique design of the chain guide, so it will never leave you in the lurch.

Overhead conveyor

More about the overhead conveyor here

The ideal solution if you are looking for reliable transport of parts and products in production with minimal requirements for the built-up area. Overhead conveyors are also suitable as storage conveyors for supplying your manual, automated or robotic workplaces.


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