Modular conveyors

Modular conveyors

Modular conveyor Modular conveyor

Conveyors with a modular belt are very often used in the food industry, paint shops or warehouses. Thanks to the perforation of the belt, any dirt does not come into contact with the transported parts, but falls easily. Another benefit of modular belts is their health safety, so they are also suitable for operation with direct contact with food. Possibilities of use here and here .

Modular conveyor to the warehouse

The modular conveyor to the warehouse is especially suitable where dust particles that are not desirable could be held. At the same time, it is easy to wash and gentle on the transported material.

Multi-storey modular conveyor

The floor solution of conveyors is suitable for greater use of storage space. It is used, for example, for the stabilization process in the plastics industry before further processing.

Meat industry

In the stainless steel design, the conveyor with a modular belt is a great alternative, eg for the meat industry. Such a conveyor can be easily and quickly cleaned and all hygienic standards are observed.