Redler conveyors

Redler conveyors


Redler conveyors are a special kind of conveyors designed for handling various materials in demanding and rough operating conditions. They are constructed to be very robust and durable, making them ideal for industrial applications where handling heavy and rough materials is a common practice.

How do redler conveyors work?

Redler conveyors work on the principle of a chain conveyor. They have a very robust construction, which means they are able to handle very heavy and sometimes abrasive materials safely and efficiently.

The main advantages of redler conveyors

Redler conveyors offer a number of advantages that include their ability to handle heavy loads and abrasive materials, resistance to harsh operating conditions and long life thanks to their robust construction.

Practical applications of redler conveyors

Redler conveyors can be found in a number of industries where the handling of heavy and coarse materials is essential. This includes, for example, heavy industry, construction and mining, where these conveyors are used to transport heavy materials such as raw metals, stones and other raw materials.

Redler maintenance and safety

Although redler conveyors are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, they still require regular maintenance to maintain their efficiency and safety. This includes regular inspections of mechanical parts and replacement of worn components. Safety protocols are also important to protect workers and ensure the safe operation of these massive machines.

Redler conveyors are a key element in many heavy industrial applications. Their robust construction, ability to handle heavy and abrasive materials and resistance to demanding operating conditions make them an ideal choice for rough operations.