Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors

Conveyors with roller chain Chain conveyor

You can use this conveyor wherever you are looking for an economical solution for transporting materials with high demands on mechanical resistance, load-bearing capacity and easy maintenance. Our chain conveyor has a unique design of the chain guide, so it will never leave you in the lurch.

Chain conveyors can be used in several combinations:

Chain with carriers

The chain only serves as a drive element. Almost anything can be attached to the carriers - frames for hanging, hooks, brackets, etc.

Chain belt

The roller chain itself can also be used as a belt. It is a special method, but very affordable and at the same time a very durable type. We are able to apply such conveyors to all types of transport and it is also an easily customizable solution. These conveyors are not very well known, but all the more popular with our customers.

Chain with rolls

The chain links can be interspersed with rollers or other elements. In this case, the price rises rapidly, on the other hand, it is possible to make unique solutions suitable for accumulation or anti-abrasion of material.

Classic chain

The classic chain can also be used as a conveyor element. The main advantage is that it is an indestructible product. The disadvantage is the weight and noise. With some elements, this chain can be used as a multiflex. This is a very cheap and durable variant of the omnidirectional chain. At the same time, it is suitable for transport with unsustainable materials such as sludge conveyors or redlers.

Chain conveyor to the welding shop

The chain conveyor is very resistant to thermal stress from parts to welding and at the same time has a small contact area. This type of conveyor is very durable and easy to maintain. Repairing a damaged chain is one of the easiest repairs of all types of conveyors.

Chain conveyor to the warehouse

It is a good alternative to a belt conveyor if options allow. In the warehouse, it is suitable for transporting pallets without a flat bottom or large dimensions, where the belt conveyor would be excessively worn. The chain conveyor also has a low frictional resistance, so it is possible to use motors with lower power input and smaller dimensions than belt conveyors. Outdoor operation is possible even without major modifications.